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Hot Latin Dance teaches you salsa now via
Dominate the dance floor - Intermediate Level
01. Cbl Nec + Cbl Turn
02. Cbl Check
03. Man Left Turn + Hand Back Catch
04. 2 Way- Cbl Shoulder Hold
05. Cbl 1-1/2 Turns From Close Position
06. Man + Woman Right Turn - Switching Hand
07. Back-Break Reverse Traveling Turn
08. Natural Reverse Hammerlock Turn

09. Cbl 1-1/2 Turns
10. Man Right Turn Ending In Hammerlock
11. Hand Flip Hand Catch
12. Cbl Hand-Flip Jazz-Flare
13. Cbl Hammer-Lock To Straight Jacket
14. Man Cbl Left Turn
15. Double Hand Hold Cbl To Wind-Mill
16. Samba Reverse Cuddle
17. Touch And Go

18. Halo Ha
19. Lady Right Turn Hammer-Lock
20. Cuban Court-Ship
21. Man Left Turn
22. Copa Turn Shoulder Hold
23. Man 1-1/2 Turn -Hand Catch
24. Cbl Promenade Pull
25. Cbl Shoulder Turn
26. Cbl Shallow Dip - End
The Power of Salsa
26 turn-Patterns carefully blended into a fun and easy-to-do choreography.
Dominate the dancing floor with every move. Be the center of attention. Smile. You got the Power of Salsa!.
Intructions in English. Background Black and white
Choreography only in video file..US 5.99
Salsa Power
Breakdown only in video file..... US 6.99
Choreography + Breakdown.....US10.99
All in a digitally mastered DVD - US19.99 + S&H